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It pleases me greatly to introduce my latest invention,
The Microforge Mini - winged series, truely the world's smallest and efficient working metal forge from natural terracotta clay.

My Microforge Mini-winged series wings catches all breath generating an intense and useful blue/white flame exceeding 2000 F degrees, turning common steel to glowing orange in under 30 seconds, enabling me to fashion metal into any shape or tool making via hammer and anvil. The Mini is just like the larger original Microforge versions, just smaller. Under Three inches tall and two inches wide the Microforge Mini-winged series works Amazingly Well for short forging projects like making your own metal tools and parts. Include one in your survival pack. These devices also work great as a mini gas stove for cooking. (pages coming soon)
Like the Microforge, the Mini runs on any old nut shells, simple rubbing alcohol, and human breath much cheaper than MAPP gas.
The Shell's Carbon wick the alcohol while heating the clay vessel, gasifying the shell's oils into the burning gas/air mix on demand, resulting in this ultra hot blue/white flame by design. Due the ultra efficiency the air catching wings provide, the winged feature has become permanent features on all my new microforges.

Watch the Microforge in action. (22 Meg .AVI)

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Thanks for Checking out the Microforge Mini!

Get Back to the Basics with Dave's Authentic, Quality Hand Crafted Microforge device.

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