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It is true I have developed the world's smallest working metal forge from natural terracotta clay.

I call it, the Microforge.

My Microforge generates a white flame exceeding 2000 F degrees, and turns common steel to glowing orange in under 30 seconds, enabling me to fashion metal into any shape for tool making via hammer and anvil.
I can make my own knives and screw drivers, carving tools etc.
I can weld copper lines together, and even melt glass with this device.
My Microforge runs on any old nut shells, simple rubbing alcohol, and human breath much cheaper than MAPP gas.
The Shells Wick the Alcohol while the burning alcohol heats the clay and gasifies the shell's oils into the burning gas/air mix, resulting in this ultra hot white flame by design.

Watch the Microforge in action. (16 Meg .MOV)

Buy a Microforge from Dave himself.
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Get Back to the Basics with Dave's Authentic, Quality Hand Crafted Microforge device.

Thanks for checking out my Microforge.

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