Dave's Clay Making Process

Tools Needed:

-An Old Clean Bath Tub
-A Good Shovel
-Access to Raw Clay
-Water Hose
-Old Empty Freezer
-Plastic Sacks


1) Locate Your Clay

2) Use Shovel to Escavate Pure Smooth Clay.

3) Hand Crumble into Buckets while removing root and other organic matter

4) Fill Old Bath Tub with Clay

5) Imbibe the clay crumble with water, spray off floaties.

6) Stir the clay well, then let settle and spray off floaties again.

7) When the water evaporates naturally, Harvest the clay into donut shapes

8) As the donuts dry a bit, ReShape and Condition the clay into flattened arches.

9) When the arches are just right, wedge them into blocks, bag them, and store in freezer until ready to use.

10) Repeat from Step 1, and may you never run out of clay again.

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Clay King


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