Inside - Mye is the sequel in a trilogy of dreamy music written and produced entirely by David Michael Weeks.
Inside was released in 1992 when David was only 18 years old. Inside was remastered and re-released 1998.
And finally, the long awaited sequel Inside - Mye has arrived 2004!

CD Version $14.99 Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

.MP3 Version $11.99 Support independent publishing: Buy this multimedia on Lulu.

Fan Snail Mail To:
David M. Weeks
649 North Park Ave
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801

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Cover art created by Dustin Andrysiak of
"Thanks Dustin for the Beautiful ArtWork! - David Weeks"

Read What Fans Are Saying:

"I checked them out! Good stuff!" - William Zeitler

"David, you just keep getting better and better. That sounds great. You should send that link to Teresa because she asked about the latest CD while here and wants it." - David's Mother, Mary Weeks

"I'd have to say blue gray sunrise is my favorite, it's got a little jazz feel to it. It's quite possibly the best song you have ever written in my humble opinion. I also liked Daves jazz. As for the CD i'd totally be willing to pay for that one" - gogreen, FL

"I would like to have a picture of the album cover too. When I import an album to my ipod it has the option to display the album cover and I would like to include it too. Thank you so much for playing for me while we were there. It really means alot to me. -TF"
I have made two nice album covers Free to download just for fans like you Tereasa. ;) - David

"It's AWESOME ! You definitely did not disappoint ! - Tereasa Fletcher"

"And yes the tunes are really that good. I'm sitting out here listening to them while i check my email under a palm tree. - Jon"

"David, Also, love your music! Very relaxing and uplifting! - Patty"
Patty B. Smith Assistant Professor of Biology Tulsa Community College

>Misty Mountain Future-
"Good to hear you mixing things up a bit.. good mix. Btw.. love the fade out 3D hall effect. - Tweeks - TX"

"i really enjoy your music. it relaxes me and helps. thanks _Tonja - CT"

Thank You Fans! For all the Positive Vibes and Gifts! - David

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