Lucy Bear's Page

Jessie and I received Lucy September 21st 2006. We were just driving around in town getting our supplies, when we passed a cage of these White Shepard Black Lab mix dogs on Harrison, Shawnee at the K-Mart in town where people are often seen trying to give away free pets. Here was this man and his wife and daughters, with 4 of these White Shepard and Black Lab mixes left. They were All were Beautiful. Lucy was the runt. She'd had a hard time with 9 other siblings, and she seemed the friendliest to me, so I told the man we'd think about it. He informed me there were 10, and 6 of them went in 30 minutes and he has the four left. We drove a block, and returned to pick up Lucy and take her home. She is turning out to be a very loyal girl.

Lucy Snoozing.

More to come!