Buddy 'The Mule's' Page

January 1st 2005 - August 2006

Jessie and I received Budamule in January 1st 2005. My Mom knew I'd always been on the look out for a yellow lab. She was at the Mall while the animal control people were there. She asked in passing if they knew of any Yellow Puppies. They directed her to a man from West Shawnee they knew who had just called in about a stray. We called him and made appointment to meet Buddy. We got there at dusk, and the man pulled Buddy out from a bush. He was covered in feces and ticks from head to toe.

The man said he was about to shoot him if he couldn't find a home for him and his sister. I was real worried about Ehrlichia canis. We fell in love with him right there, and brought him home. I bathed him and spent three days picking all the ticks off. There were over 300 ticks. He cleaned up nice, and stayed grateful. As he continued to grow, it became obvious he out grew the average size of most large labs, and continued growing. We began searching for answers.

At that same time, i built a set of Click and Learn games for the American Kennel Society. There I created the flashcard for the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Finally on a vet visit, we were told he looks half lab half ridgeback.

He's no paper dog, but he's one of the most energetic, happy animals I've come across in my travels. He's also my first 'large' dog. Actually, I'd say he fits more the extra-large catagory.

Out at 'The Rock.'

Here's His Big Ol' Head. Pretty Eyes.

And Check out his Tongue!

When he stands up, he's taller than me.

My Dog Runs So Fast, he can run ON TOP OF THE WATER.

Coming, AND Going.

Here's bath time with Buddy and Cinder. They'd rolled in sun dried lizard.

Buddy was a gentle giant. We will always miss him. He died because some Parvo dog pooped near him. I had a wounded foot at the time, and did not notice the quickness of his sickness. I will be looking for another Buddy Dog.