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For making a batch of cob. I toss
40% Clay
30% Sand,
10% Tall grass from the pasture into a pit.

We have 6-8 Feet of 100% Pure Terracotta clay here in Central Oklahoma, under about 1 inch of sand. You can use dirt if you don't have clay. I add some Water tot he mix and my own human energy to make a nice clay like medium. Cob makes excellent walls, you can shape it into anything. Keep the rain water off it, and it dries Rock Hard.

This Cob Shelter I built Under my porch for the dogs in winter. They love it. Lucy had a litter of puppies in there last winter. The cob structure may outlast the Cabin.

This Dog Adobe continus to service us.

This one took three days to complete, as I dug out a 4 foot deep hole first. Then 4 truck loads of sand thrown in, packed down tight to serve as a mold. Then Three layers of Cob, one day at a time. Then I cut a door, and shoveled the sand out. After a few weeks of drying, I fired the steructure hot with a fire in it all day long. This structure is now as firm as brick, and kneel obviously loves it.

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