Stinky Weeks' Memorial Page

For the best friend I've ever known

Stinky was found 7 months old November of 1997 tied to a cash register at a Pet Smart, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I had been waiting out in the car with my friend Kimberly Mcmartin as her parents went in to pick up some food for their own pet. An undescribable feeling hit me like a ton of bricks and I told Kimberly if I didn't go in that store, my life would be changed for the worse from that moment on. I walked into the store and saw the most beautiful dog I'd ever seen tied to the register. The store was going to close in 15 minutes, and the workers informed me they would have to release this stray dog as it was against store policy to have them on the premises after hours. The store was surrounded by interstate which lowered Stinky's odds for survival if I didn't take him. I walked him around the store to think it over, and he took to me right away. No loud barking or crying. In fact, he rarely barked at all. If he had something to say to you, he would flat out tell you, with little misunderstanding. I left my name and number with the Pet Smart people telling them to contact me if someone came looking for him. We became best friends immediately, and he lived with me for five wonderful years. He was a great field companion. He could track and catch just about anything. He was the smartest dog I've ever known. He learned how to catch the frisbee, roll over, beg, speak, Hid-N-Seek... In June of 2002, he became suddenly anemic from a tick bite and died within hours. The vet said they had over 100 dogs die that week of the same cause which they believed was from the bite of a tick called Ehrlichia canis. And a $1200 dollar blood transfusion would have saved him.

Picture Archive

stink2 Heheee
stink3 Me posing for Hobbs. I obviously didn't get the job... 8v/
stink4 My Favorite Reading Chair
stink5 Me and my friend Butch
Stink6 How do I get myself into these situations?! (Neighbor Kids and their Dog 'Z')
Stink7 Intersting Haircut for a Shepard.
Stink8 Anyone who says dogs don't smile is misinformed.

Heres some shots of him as SUPER OUTDOOR DOG!!!

Up Ravine!
Jumping Across Ravine!
Across Stream!
Down Ravine!
By Path!
Across Large Creeks
After Field Work
Sand stone Gully


Seeing Mountains for The First Time and the Secret Grin
Meeting Friends, Shu, and Zowie
Ever seen a Dog in Awe?
We sat up there for a long while
Very Optomistic Dog
Weren't expecting to find HIM!
The Continental Divide
Feelings here - Masters Friend Cain
Just Watching
*No Animals were Harmed in these Photograph Sessions :)
And I Travel Well Too

More to Come


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